• long sleeve top 長袖上身
  • soft pad 胸墊
  • low-waist briefs 低腰泳褲 + skirt 短裙


Size Chart 尺碼表*

- please refer to the size picture 請參閱尺碼圖片


*size chart is for reference only! For those who are in between 2 sizes, we recommend choosing a smaller size to fit for swimming (Elastic swimwear fabric/material)

*尺碼表只供參考!如尺碼範圍介乎兩個碼之間,【建議】選擇較細的碼數寧緊勿鬆 (彈性泳衣物料)­­­­


Simply Long Sleeve Skirt 3 Pieces Swimwear Set 簡約長袖短裙3件泳衣套裝

HK$198.00 一般價格